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The Modern World Of Technology

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The Modern World Of Technology

We humans, the forefront of every civilization, have never relented in our quest for knowledge and innovations, which are the driving forces of our very existence in this world. Ever since the evolution of our human race from apes, we have thrived hard in discovering the best methodologies for a sophisticated and comfortable living.

Be it from the first invention of hunting tools of Paleolithic era to the current invention of reusable rockets of the technological era, every innovation has helped in molding the human life from being a philistine to a well refined, edified form. Every inventions and discoveries have caused significant impact on human lives which have directly or indirectly contributed to the growth of the society.

Among the abundant inventions and discoveries, which have flooded or flooding the planet, some of the most significant ones that stirred revolutionary ideas and paved way for the modern technological world are

  • Telegraph/Telephone/Wireless communications
  • Automobiles/Airplane
  • Motion pictures
  • Computers and
  • Rockets
  • Each of these inventions or discoveries aids in technologically connecting and uplifting the humankind, thus, making the world a common place of livelihood irrespective of the political borders and cultural dissimilarities.

    Modern Day Revolutionary ideas

    Computers and technology

    Computers are the godfathers of modern technological world, whose invention have made the world to shrink virtually, yet, develop or expand technologically. They are the driving force of every plausible field, resulting in incredible innovations and solutions.

    The internet, which is the offspring of telecommunications and information technology, uses specific computer software and devices to foster the communications among people irrespective of the geographical distances and difficulties. This has ideally paved way for the cross border proceedings in every field like, business, education, healthcare, relocations etc.

    Of all the available technology types, the contributions of computers are highly commendable in the following types,


  • Information technology
  • Telecommunications technology
  • Medical technology
  • Each of these technologies has contributed abundantly to the world and its population and even few of them are essential parts of our daily livelihood. 

    Medical Technology

    Even before the era of computers, human race have enjoyed significant increase in life span due to the inventions and discoveries of several life-saving medicines and vaccinations.But sadly, there is no end-point for thesediseases and health related complications. Day-by-day new diseases are burgeoning and threatening the healthy survival of humankind.

     The medical field is focusing on variousresearches to prevent and eradicatesuch killer maladies. The medical technology with the help of computers has made viable arrangements for the detection and healing of several severe ailments which otherwise would have been life wrecking.

    Medical devices like MRI, X-rays, CT scans, Defibrillators, Blood pressure monitors etc. uses different forms of techniques to capture information from human body.These information or signals are decoded by specific computer programs, which are analyzed by the medical practitioners to diagnose and treat the affected persons.

    Also there are computer-assisted surgical methods that are highly accurate, time-saving, quality-bound and free from typical human errors.

    All of the medical researches and hospitals use computers to store data which enables easy processing and retrieval of data. Thus computers have assisted medical technology by simplifying and advancing the tedious medical processes and practices, aiming towards human welfare.

    Information technology

    Information technology is the process of manipulating, maintaining and transmitting data with the help of hardware components like computers, modems and other communicating devices, which have simplified our various time-consuming tasks.

    Be it business, education, research or fashion, every field will inevitably contain an IT department for maintaining, processing and retrieving their essential, confidential data.

    Data is the collection of several relatedfacts or information that is specific and significant to a particular field or organization. Certain sectors like defense, scientific research, and national intelligence will contain highly confidential data that might have severe national consequences. Hence it is vital to protect these data from anti-national groups and hackers.

    Information technology simplifies and quickens several laborious manualprocesses with the help of advanced computer software and applications.  Some significant breakthroughs in IT are the Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Cloud Computing etc.


    Telecommunications technology

    Do you no more miss your family and home country despite being miles away geographically?  Do you no more travel to office and work leisurely in the comfort of your home in your convenient pajamas? Well, thank aloud to the advancements of telecommunications technology which has made your world smaller, yet, resourceful.

    The telecommunications technology deals with transmitting signals, data and services using electronic communication devices like computers, smartphones, radio transmitters etc. The communication might be either involving wires or wireless with the help of electromagnetic signals and radiations.

    The Internet is the major breakthrough in this field, which has technologically united the world irrespective of differences and geographical challenges. Thanks to the social networking sites like https://www.netwerkkabel.eu/ and audio/video calling services anybody can communicate with their dear ones without breaking their bank.

    Distance education, remote employment or non-stop entertainment, anything is plausible with the help of telecommunications technology. This technology in itself is a very vast field that includes several significant sectors like broadcasting, computer networking, WAN, Military communications etc.

    Thus, technology with the proper backing of computers has brightened the lives of humankind and has brought us all together under one common roof called globalization.

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    The following trends are the future significant concepts of Information Technology.

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